Guide to Volunteering Programs Available in Thailand

Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, has grown in popularity in terms of tourist destinations in the region. One of the reasons why Thailand is popular among tourists is the fact that it is relatively inexpensive to travel here. But if you are looking for volunteer overseas opportunities, Thailand is also a great destination to explore. There are several impoverished areas in Thailand that are in need of volunteers.

If you are looking for programs to join in and volunteer in Thailand, you can choose from the following available programs:

Teaching English

This is probably one of the most common programs available for those who wish to embark on Thailand travel to volunteer. English is not the first language in Thailand. However, the government is slowly realizing the benefits of learning to speak English fluently in order to stay competitive. This is why teaching English is a common type of work demanded from volunteers in Thailand.

Volunteer Overseas

One particular school in the small village of Ban Thin Dung is Phon Phisai Elementary School. This school is in need of volunteers who are willing to teach English to its students. There are several other poor communities within the area that have children who cannot go to school or need teachers for English. As a volunteer, you can render your service to them so you can help the community in some way. This is a good option of volunteer Thailand opportunity for those with a passion for teaching.

Teaching IT

Aside from learning how to speak English, the poor communities in Thailand will also be in a better position to succeed with the knowledge on new technology and computer use. If you are interested in using computer and information technology, this is a worthwhile volunteer opportunity. The lack of funding and IT teachers has prevented the growth of the IT industry in the country, especially among the youth. You can therefore impact the future of these children by teaching them about computers and information technology. It is a small investment today that will enable them to reap the benefits down the road.


If you are not the teacher-type, there is another special cause that you can partake in when you volunteer overseas in Thailand. Deforestation and poaching is a serious concern in Thailand. In fact, it has endangered the lives of the gibbons that live in the forest. This is true not just for gibbons but the people who live near the forests are also at risk.

You can therefore volunteer to do tree planting activities and other programs to save the Thai rainforest. This is a great volunteer opportunity for individuals who are also nature advocates or outdoor adventurers. It is crucial that the state of the rainforest is preserved because there are so many lives that depend on it. In fact, it is one of the things that Thailand is most proud of when it comes to their tourism industry – the natural beauty of Thailand.

Regardless of which of these programs you choose when you volunteer overseas in Thailand, you will probably learn more than what the locals will be able to learn from you.